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i melt when i see you smile

6 things to remember in life to be happy.

1. You are the most important person in your life, you need to live to make yourself happy. You can’t make someone else happy when you’re no happy.
2. Dress to impress yourself. Never wear something you don’t feel confident in, express yourself through your clothing and feel confident and other people will notice that confidence.
3. You can’t take back the past so instead of letting it get to you let it make you teach you for the future. Don’t let little regrets hold you back because you can’t change it but what you can change is the present.
4. Everything happens for a reason. You are right where you need to be at this very moment, you control your life and if you work hard you can achieve anything you dream of so never give up.
5. You don’t get what you want without working hard for it. Everyone dreams of the perfect body or perfect life, you can’t get those things without working for it. Good things happen to those who work hard. Nothing will change if you excuse is always tomorrow, so imagine reaching your goal.
6. Life is to short to be unhappy. There is always a positive to a negative. You have so many reasons to be happy so don’t rely on someone else happiness to make you happy. If you are not happy with something in your life then don’t wait for tomorrow to fix it, fix it now before you are left with regret.

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i wish my parents got me into a sport when i was young and kept me committed to it so id have a nice body but instead i ended up on the internet and im gross


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